Steve Smith took the ‘Sandpaper Gate’ blame to save his teammates says Flintoff

Steve Smith took the blame for the 'Sandpaper Gate' scandal to save his team integrity says Flintoff.Click To Tweet

Steve Smith took the ‘Sandpaper Gate’ blame to save his teammates says Flintoff. Andrew Flintoff said this on a Talksport show.

Flintoff, Former England All-Rounder believes that the entire Australia team was involved in the famous ‘Sandpaper Gate’ball-tampering scandal.

Andrew Flintoff also believes that the former Australia captain Steve Smith took the ‘Sandpaper Gate’ blame to save his teammates.

Steve Smith, Vice-captain David Warner, Cameron Bancroft were later banned for playing cricket.

Warner and Smith banned for captaining role( Smith for two years for a life ban for Warner) besides a one year ban for playing competitive cricket, Cameron Bancroft suspended for a nine-month ban for playing cricket.

After the ‘Sandpaper Gate’ ball-tampering scandal Cricket Australia (CA) took responsibility to inquiry about this infamous case.

Sandpaper Gate took place during the third Test of South African tour in Cape Town.

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Steve Smith took the ‘Sandpaper Gate’ blame to save his teammates says Flintoff:

“Sandpaper is wrong, but it’s stupid more than anything. But I can’t believe that everyone in the team wasn’t involved in some way or another,” Flintoff said in a talk show called Talksport on Wednesday.

“I can’t believe that the whole team wasn’t in on it. As a bowler, if someone gives me a ball that’s been tampered with, I know immediately. One of the things that Steve Smith did is take the blame for everyone else,” Flintoff added.

Andrew Flintoff has featured in 79 Test matches and 141 ODI matches for England. Flintoff accumulates 3845 runs in Test matches and 3394 runs in the ODI format of the game.

Flintoff feels that ball-tampering issue in being there for a long time and every team wanting in that aspect.

“Things like ball-tampering have gone on for a long, long time and I think it’s just the degrees where you take it. We were accused of putting sweets on the ball. People put suncream on it, tried everything they could,” Andrew Flintoff added more.

Smith, Warner, and Bancroft returned to competitive cricket after serving their ban period.

Smith has completed two years ban on Captaincy’s role and now available to lead his side again.


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