Michael Vaughan suggests an IPL schedule for this year

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Michael Vaughan suggests an IPL schedule for this year. Former England Cricketer Michael Vaughan suggests an interesting Indian Premier League ( IPL) schedule on the microblogging site, Twitter today.

Michael Vaughan played 82 test matches and 86 ODI matches for England. He scored 5,719 and 1,982 runs in test and ODI  respectively.

Amid the global pandemic COVID-19, lots of players are spending their time on social media. Some posting work-out videos and some running questions and answer sessions on various social media sites.

There are 33,718 cases of coronavirus registered in the UK and 2,921 people reported to death from this pandemic.

This year the 13th edition of IPL was set to take place from March 29 but amidst the concern of Coronavirus, it is postponed till April 15.

The new schedule of IPL is yet to be announced by the Board Of Control for Cricket in India ( BCCI). Currently, India is going through a Lockdown period which ends on April 14.

India is registering several new cases of coronavirus every day. Over 2,400 cases of registered in the country and 50 people reported to death from the COVID-19.

Looking at the scenario, IPL fate is pretty uncertain. The chances are got canceled or BCCI will shift its cash-rich league to a later date.

The ex-cricketer of England Michael Vaughan suggests an IPL schedule for this year on social media, Twitter today.

Michael Vaughan concern about IPL and share his views on this topic,

“My thoughts on the IPL .. as it’s such an important tournament for the games economy globally not just in India .. I would play a 5-week tournament Sept/Oct including all players as a warm-up for the T20 WC .. that’s if we are clear to travel by then ..thoughts.” Vaughan said this on Twitter.

The idea of Michael Vaughan for IPL is quite interesting. As you know this year WCT20I is going to take place from October 18, 2020.

If IPL somehow starts in September till the first week of October, it will give a much needed warm-up match for all the players who going to take part in WCT20I.

We like the idea of Michael Vaughan. comment on your thoughts on this idea.


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